We are a team of two, who stand behind the name of Goris. We join our skills and offer you a selection of travel pillows, which we create and sew ourselves. Every single pillow is one of a kind, so you get the actual pillow you see in the picture.

No, they are not ‘neck pillows’. Round or square shaped, compact size and light weight TRAVEL pillows are created to be hung on a backpack or easily packed in your luggage. Use them on a train, plane, take them to the festival, park, beach, picnic, camping trip, sleepover, or any other occasion where an extra comfort makes the whole difference.

We use high quality designer brand upholstery fabrics, which makes the pillows extra durable. All the patterns of the fabrics are woven, (not printed!), they look impressive and feel luxurious. We chose to fill the pillows with synthetic fibre filling for very practical reasons: it’s lightweight and washable.

Our story

While doing quite a bit of backpacking ourselves, we soon realized that a small pillow was a must to have on any journey. When you can’t find one, you make one yourself. Small, durable, washable, lightweight and fun were the main features we were looking for. So we created and made our very first one to our dear friend for his upcoming trip to Georgia. It was a small pillow in a shape of a fish with a little loop and a carabiner, so it could be hung on the backpack. While visiting Georgia, our friend named the fish-pillow Goris, and that was the beginning of our journey to the world of Goris pillows.

The packages are ready to be sent within 1-3 days. Delivery time 3-5 days. Denmark: delivery with DAO to the nearest Package shop (Pakkeshop) from 42 dkk. Contact us directly if you want the package to be sent to other country than Denmark.
We apply 14 days return policy for our products. The policy does not apply for custom-made products.

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